Stadium Objections

The following downloads are some comments and objections letters recieved from Lady Bay, Greenacres Park and Holme Pierrepont residents.


1 - Objection Letter - Lady Bay resident

2 - Objection Letter - Greenacres Park Homes resident

3 - Objection Letter - Lady Bay resident

4 - Objection Letter - Lady Bay resident

5 - Objection Letter - Lady Bay resident


"Whilst I am in support of Nottingham's proposals to be a world Cup host city. I think that the suggestion that the the land at Holme Pierrepoint/Gamston be earmarked for the new stadium is absolutely disgraceful as it is in the green belt, on a floodplain and has inadequate transport infrastructure.

As a local Ladybay resident for over thirty years, I have walked my dogs daily around this area. Did you know, that despite being so close to the city centre, it is home to monkjack deer, egrets and other seasonal visiting birds, rare orchids and other rare native flowers, several different species of owls and bats to name but a few species whose habitat would be destroyed by this proposal. In view of the global destruction of green spaces and the extinction of many animal species, may I suggest that we please keep this local Nottingham area of green paradise and suggest a less ecologically damaging site for the new stadium in the City."
A Lady Bay Resident - 19th August 2009

"Dear Councillor Cutts
Proposed new stadium development for Nottingham Forest at Holme Pierrepont

There are three reasons that I hope you can support for opposing the above.

1. The transport infrastructure for the City Ground isn?t perfect but it is better than in most cities. It is within walking distance of the railway station, the existing and planned tram lines, and the bus station. The proposed stadium East of Regatta Way would have seriously deficient transport infrastructure, with no such access and therefore more traffic on the A52 which cannot be widened between the city and the proposed ground. A great deal more parking will be needed on green belt land.

2. The loss of more green belt land and the impact on local life:
Skylarks, sports fields and an area of walking and children's horse-riding that was very stoutly defended when the 4th Trent Crossing was proposed.

3. The importance of floodplains in general is now well-understood, and recent floods have highlighted the local importance of the Trent Floodplain. This development would require 50,000 cubic metres of concrete.

These reasons only strengthen the case for re-developing the City Ground in support of England's bid for the 2018 World Cup, assuming this is:
i) thought to be vital to the city and its surroundings;
ii) affordable, given the need to sustain gates of 40-50,000 when the World Cup is over; and
iii) likely to make a difference to the FA?s chances of landing the World Cup and the city's chances of hosting a small number of the early-round games in 2018.

Any sensible risk-assessment would surely conclude that Councillors would be taking too great a risk in supporting this venture, and, rather, should introduce some common sense into the debate.

I should be grateful if you would respond to the above argument.

Thank you for your time.

A Lady Bay resident - 20th August 2009